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How to Dress Like Island Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen on The Island (Lian Yu)

Oliver Queen's clothing style is (obviously) a lot different than his normal, every-day style when he's on the island and doing special-ops missions for A.R.G.U.S.  Island Ollie's clothing is not only more beat up looking, but way more practical.

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He does wear the beginnings of his Arrow costume, and I'll cover that, but I cover the full costume in my "How to Dress Like The Arrow" guide.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Shorts & Pants

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Hat, Hood & Gloves

Island Oliver's style overview:

  • Shipwrecked/torn up shirt/shorts/shoes
  • Lian Yu soldier clothing (black)
  • Street clothes (when working for A.R.G.U.S.)

Mr. Queen's Island Outerwear

Oliver Queen's Island Soldier Jacket and Mask

Oliver's clothing style changes pretty drastically during his time on the island.  He doesn't have a lot of variety in what he wears, but when you go from being a shipwrecked kid to a badass killer, your clothing does tend to change.  Just a bit.

Island-Soldier Field Jacket

The first jacket we see Oliver wearing on the island is actually from one of the soldiers.  It's all black and has large breast pockets and epaulets.  It looks almost identical to the Theory field jacket he wears later, but that one doesn't have epaulets.  

This island field jacket also has a smaller collar, it folds down more like a dress shirt, rather than more or less "popping up" like the one he wears after he's off the island.

For something cheap and pretty close, I really like this LE3NO lightweight military jacket.  The collar doesn't match exactly, but other than that it's a very close match.  

The closest match I've found so far, and my personal favorite, is this BDU military coat.  It doesn't have epaulets, but the collar is spot on, and it's a decent price.

Wool-lined Leather Jacket

We see Oliver wearing this jacket when he starts doing work for A.R.G.U.S.  It's actually a really nice jacket - leather on the outside and wool-line on the inside.  It's got a small collar that stays popped up, like a moto leather jacket style collar.  It looks like it only has two pockets, at the hips for your hands.

The exact match for this jacket is carried by Danier, and it's called an Earl lamb Nubuck jacket, you can find it here on  It's a little pricey at $200, but if you want the authentic look, it's definitely the way to go.  

I couldn't really find another jacket that looked identical, but something like this jacket is relatively close, just no where near an exact match (it's a decent price though, so if you're not going for an exact cosplay and just like the style, it works).

Button-up Cotton Mason Jacket

This jacket is worn by Mr. Queen only in a few episodes in season three.  It's a thick cotton jacket with your standard collar (like a dress shirt) and two breast pockets.  There's a thin patch just above the left breast pocket that looks like it should be a name-tag of some sort, but it's just a blank piece.

The exact match for this jacket is a Rag & Bone Mason jacket, but unfortunately it's no longer in production.  You could try your luck on Ebay, but I wasn't able to find anything currently for sale.

If you're just going for the same general style that this jacket gives, you could try something like this button-up jacket.  You get the same style that the Rag & Bone offers, but as far as anything like cosplay goes, you'll have a hard time finding something that looks exact.

Oliver Queen's Island Getaway Shirts

Oliver Queen's Blue Shirt from Lian Yu

Similar to his jackets, Oliver's shirts do change throughout his "stay" on the island, but there's not much variety.  

After he meets up with Slade Wilson, his shirts mainly consist of undershirts, but he does wear some "normal" clothing throughout the rest of his island time.

Shipwrecked Shirt

This is the collared button-up shirt that Oliver is wearing when the Queen's Gambit goes down, and he wears it on the island for quite a long time (I bet it smells really good).  

It looks like it's a light blue in color and has just one breast pocket (on the left).  So finding a shirt that looks pretty close isn't too difficult.

You probably already own a shirt that looks similar, but if not, I'd go for something relatively cheap since you'll want to rough it up a bit for that authentic castaway look.  This Port Authority long sleeve button-up would work perfectly.

Oliver's Denim Button-up

In season two, after Oliver teams up with Slade Wilson and Sara Lance, he does wear some more "normal" clothing.  

The denim shirt Oliver wears looks a lot like the one he's seen wearing once he's back in Starling City.  That being said, I'd probably stick with my original choices in my "How to Dress Like Oliver Queen" article.  

My personal favorite choice for this shirt is this Wrangler denim shirt, in indigo.  While the Dickies denim shirt I mention in the other article would still work, it looks a bit too fancy for Oliver's "island style".

Brown Henley

Island Oliver Queen Brown Henley and Green Hood

The brown henley shirt that Oliver wears on the island looks like it's the same one he wears underneath the beginnings of his Arrow costume.  It's pretty much your basic henley, so it'll be easy enough to find something almost exact.

If you don't already own one, then I'd recommend this Doublju henley in "DU15 Brown".  American Apparel is a brand of henleys that's actually used by Oliver in Arrow, so I'd also suggest this henley in brown.

The Arrow Hood

If you're planning on going for Oliver's island outfit when he's wearing the hood, then I'd suggest this hood-only on Amazon.  You can wear it over the brown henley shirt, green cargo pants and brown hiking shoes.

Stealthy Black Long-sleeve Shirt

This shirt isn't worn too much throughout the series by Oliver, and most likely is mainly used as an undershirt.  There isn't really anything special or identifying about this long-sleeve, so it's easy to replicate.  

I'd go with something relatively cheap and classic here, like this Hanes long-sleeve shirt.  Hanes clothing is decent quality, and about as plain as you can get, which is exactly what you want for this shirt.

Cargo Pants & Shorts

Every pair of pants (and the one pair of shorts) that Ollie wears on the island are of the cargo variety.  You probably won't be making any fashion statements with them, but their utility surely outweighs any style points you'll lose.

Shipwrecked Shorts

Oliver Queen Shipwrecked

When Oliver is first stranded on the island, he's still got on his cargo shorts he was wearing when the Queen's Gambit went down.  They're your standard cargo shorts, but they do look frayed at the leg openings, and they're khaki in color.  

They obviously look a bit destroyed, so you should probably go with a pair that already look weathered.

Cargo shorts may not be in style anymore, but they're still extremely popular in stores and easy to find.  Heck, you probably have a pair of your own sitting at the bottom of your dresser drawer (assuming you haven't thrown them out or donated them to charity by now).  If not, these Match Men's twill cargo shorts would be perfect.  

Tactical/Cargo Pants

Oliver wears these black cargo pants along with his black field jacket.  I don't think he wears either one without the other - both of these are the standard "uniform" of the island-soldiers.  Later on, he also wears a pair of green cargo pants, but the look (other than color) is basically the same.

After re-watching almost the entire series of Arrow, I realized something about Oliver's black cargo pants...they look a lot like the one's Matt Murdock wears on Netflix's new Daredevil show.  And since I already own those pants and can vouch for the comfort/quality, I'm going to recommend them again (check them out here).  They're not an exact match, as Oliver's pants don't have zippers on the sides.  

If you want something a bit closer in looks, I'd suggest these Union Bay black cargo pants, I just can't speak for the quality as I don't own a pair.  And finally, if you're after his green cargo pants, this pair by Match Men's would be a great choice.  

Oliver also has a pair of khaki cargo pants he wears on the island, but most of the pants I suggested above come in a khaki color.


As far as I can recall, Ollie doesn't wear jeans while on the island (at least not during the time when he's stranded), but he is shown wearing them while doing some of the missions for A.R.G.U.S.  

The jeans he wears actually look identical to the ones he wears when he's back in Starling City, although he doesn't take the time to cuff them.

That being said, I'm going to recommend the Levi's 511 jeans again.  The only difference/detail I'd pay attention to is making sure they're not super long since you won't be cuffing them.

Ollie's Island Footwear

Oliver Queen's Island Brown Boots

Oliver basically has three different shoes he wears during his stint on the island - the shoes he's wearing when originally shipwrecked, a tactical/combat looking boot/shoe, and (oddly enough) Converse sneakers.

Shipwrecked Shoes

These look like boating shoes to me (which would make sense), but it's kind of hard to tell since they're pretty beat up and worn out by the time he makes it to the island.  They're lace-ups with a rubber sole, but there isn't any stitching around the toes that boat shoes generally have.  As for color, they look khaki-ish to me.

So what did I personally pick?  Sperrys.  In my opinion, these Sperry shoes look like an exact match to the shoes Oliver is wearing on the Queen's Gambit and later on the island.

Combat/Tactical Boots

These particular boots are the ones we see Oliver wearing when he's got his island-soldier garb on.  I wasn't really able to get any super clear shots of these, but they look like tactical/combat boots to me.

Since I don't think there are ever any good shots of these boots, my choice would be these Maelstrom Tactical Boots.  They would look great if you were going for an Oliver Queen Island Soldier costume.

Brown (Hiking) Boots

Oliver mainly wears these brown boots while training with Slade on the island of Lian Yu.  They look like hiking boots, but I wasn't able to find a pair of shoes that matched the stitching and laces.

One of the closest matches I found is made by a really high quality boot maker, these Irish Setter Countrysider shoes.  They look pretty close to the right shade of brown, and the stitching is really close too.

A bit cheaper option are these Crevo Buck Boots.  The color doesn't look as close, and neither do the laces, but the stitching does look close to Oliver's shoes.

Converse Sneakers

After Oliver is "rescued" from the island, he does some covert ops in China.  When he's running around in normal street clothes, he wears Converse All-Stars sneakers.  

I don't recall getting a good enough look to tell if they were low-top or hi-top, but I imagine they're low-top shoes since they seem to be more popular overall.

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