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How to Dress Like Misty Day

Misty Day American Horror Story Coven

Misty Day is the vulnerable, yet powerful, witch we see in Season 3 of AHS: Coven. She has the power of resurgence, the ability to resurrect from the dead.

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This ability doesn’t make her too popular among the bible toting community in the backwoods of Louisiana, but it does make her a good candidate for becoming the new Supreme.

When Misty isn’t wandering the swamps, she’s listening to Stevie Nicks and trying to find a place to fit in.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Skirts/Dresses & Tops

Belts, Necklaces, Bracelets & Hair Clips

Boots, Hat & Scarves

Misty's style overview:

  • Long skirts
  • Multiple necklaces, bracelets, etc.
  • Scarves
  • High heeled boots

Misty's Skirts & Dresses

Misty Day American Horror Story Coven

The key to Misty’s wardrobe is layers. Like her idol Stevie Nicks, whom she lovingly refers to as just “Stevie,” she starts with a long, flowing maxi skirt like this maxi skirt with the oversized, brown leather belt.

This maxi skirt is another good choice for that Misty look with many more prints from which to choose.

Maxi dresses are also a great first layer, like this outer shell sleeveless floral dress.  This particular dress comes in many colors and is the top layer worn over a slip style dress. It is easy to change up the look by having a different color dress underneath which lends itself more to the layered look that Misty so desires.

This lace top maxi is a simpler alternative to the shell dress. It comes in three different colors and flows elegantly to the ground, giving that illusion of floating we often see as Misty wanders aimlessly. The first layer maxi dress or skirt is essential to getting Misty’s look just right.

Miss Day's Tops & Blouses

Misty favors crop tops, little sleeves and the peasant look. Hey, it’s humid in Louisiana so when you insist on layers the bottom piece needs to be less material to stay comfortable!

This bralette is an exact match of the piece worn by Lily Rabe for the show. If you’re not a fan of the green, you can go with something a little more affordable like this lace crop top that comes in a variety of colors.

This beautiful peasant blouse is a great addition to any wardrobe. It goes well with any maxi skirt and has a simple look that is easy to accessorize.

It’s important to remember that less is more for Misty’s tops. Thin material, spaghetti straps and midriffs are essential to keeping this witch happy.

Misty Day American Horror Story Coven

Misty's Shawls

Shawls help give that mystical look, and are a favorite of Misty’s. She is seen wearing one in nearly every scene she graces.

Her vulnerable side shows through as she clutches the shawl, keeping it in place. They are usually transparent, so she wants the world to see who she is, but appears to be reluctant to be seen without one, still not sure if she’ll be accepted.

This Urban Outfitters black floral poncho is very similar to the one she wears in the show, but is on the pricier side for so little material.

For less money you can get more material and stay in line with that mystical look by going with this long lace cardigan.  Tassels and floral prints, signatures of any nature loving witch.

If you love the tassels, but are not keen on the length (who wants to drag their tassels in swamp water?!), then this Choies crocheted cardigan is for you. A great piece, and comes in three beautiful colors.

Misty Day's Boots

Misty Day American Horror Story Coven

Boots are a must have for a witch on the go - while trudging through swamp waters tending to fallen birds and boys.

These Jessica Simpson Finnegan tall boots are slouchy and have enough heel for some sass, but practical enough to wear for long walks.

If long, heeled boots are not your thing, then grab these Nine West suede ankle boots.  Cute, practical and affordable, these boots will go with anything. They come in brown and black, but Misty is seen in brown ankle boots in the show.

A compromise between length would be these amazing Timberland Mid Lace boots.  She is seen wearing all three types of boots throughout the season of Coven. Misty’s outfits would be incomplete without them.

Misty's Belts & Hair Accents

Misty Day American Horror Story Coven

Big, beautiful belts are a must have to accompany any Misty ensemble! Like her shawls, she is rarely seen without one.

The belts are usually on the larger side and ornate. She wears them with skirts and dresses alike.

This dual buckle belt is vintage leather and sure to get noticed! Another valid option is this floral vintage wide belt, or this faux leather beauty.

Misty loves her floral accents, these belts are no exception. So you get the idea for a “Misty” look...if you want to create a little magic you need a chunky belt.

Along with floral accents, you will see feathers in Misty’s wardrobe as well. She often wears them in her hair, a look you can achieve with something like these feather hair clips.

If you like the feather look, but do not like clips, you can opt for this feather headband that is lightweight and just as sweet.

Feathers peeking out through the hair creates the finishing touch for that hint of mystery. If hair feathers are not your thing, then grab this amazing top hat that's similar to Misty’s. It’s magical, but the rabbit is not included!

Scarves & Necklaces

Like shawls, Misty is partial to scarves. She wears them around her neck, head or waist. They are usually on the long, skinny side and very thin material. They help add a splash of color and make an outfit feel more complete.

She’s seen so often with them, like her scarves, that no Misty outfit is complete without one. This Dahlia floral print scarf comes in several colors and is fringed to boot. Misty heaven!

If you like the floral look, but do not want more fringe then try this scarf by ChikaMika

Lace is another Misty Day go-to. This cream white lace scarf looks great as a belt or a headband over the hair, hippie-style, of course.

Necklaces are yet one more area of Misty’s look that thrives on layers. Long and short necklaces alike, the “less is more” does not apply here.

This multi layered feather necklace by Sunnow is a simple way to achieve the right look. You can also go for something more simple like this metal feather pendant necklace and build the look over time, carefully selecting each piece.

A simple, beaded cross like this Celtic cross necklace would be a great place to start.  Or for a more finished look, go with this retro multilayer cross.

Crosses or feathers, mixing it up in layers is key.

Misty's Bracelets

Misty Day American Horror Story Coven

Bracelets are the finishing touch to Misty’s appearance. Although not always seen with bracelets (she sometimes wears a piece of lace or skinny scarf wrapped around her wrist), her wrists are rarely bare.

The simple look would be to cut a small section of lace and tie it around your wrist, but if you’re wanting a more versatile option, go with this flower, multistrand adjustable bracelet.  Being made of leather and metal it will hold up a little better while you’re performing those spells.  Here is a feathered option as well.

Misty Day models her style after her idol, Stevie Nicks, by using layers that are airy and, above all, comfortable.

She’s gentle, kind, and also handy to have around if you’re prone to accidents causing death...or need that pesky orchid brought back to life. And she does it all with an amazing sense of style.

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