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How to Dress Like Larry Harvey

Larry Harvey American Horror Story

Larry Harvey is a stalker, extortionist, murderer, burn victim and former resident of “Murder House."

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He frequently harasses Ben Harmon while also warning him about the dangers of the house.

Larry’s style is usually pretty formal, consisting of suits, ties and his brimmed hat with ribbon and feather.

Here you will find a guide to help you imitate the style of Larry Harvey. For the purpose of creating an accurate Larry Harvey costume or integrating some of his style into your own personal fashion.

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Larry's style overview:

  • Porkpie fedora hat
  • Dark suits
  • Scarred face

Larry Harvey's Hat

Larry Harvey American Horror Story

Larry’s signature hat has been identified as a charcoal gray porkpie brimmed hat with ribbon and feather. He is seen wearing it most times he makes an appearance.

Unless the Larry Harvey cosplay that you are putting together is based on the unscarred flashback Larry, you will definitely want to pick up one of these hats in order to add the finishing touch to your get-up.

This gray porkpie hat is nearly identical to the one worn by Larry Harvey throughout the first season of American Horror Story.

Larry Harvey's Jinxed Jackets

During the course of the first season of AHS, Larry has been noted to dress in a few different jackets, mostly dark suit jackets but he is also known to sport an olive cardigan sweater as seen in flashbacks.

As I stated previously, Larry is known to wear his olive or navy cardigan in a few flashbacks. He also has been spotted in present day wearing the olive cardigan under his sport coat as well.

This charcoal suit jacket by Salvatore is an excellent match to the jackets worn by Larry Harvey.  Here is a black suit jacket that matches the style of Larry Harvey entirely.

This dark olive cardigan is almost identical to the one Larry wears in the flashbacks of his past and under his suit jacket in present day.  The same cardigan in navy is a great match to the one worn by Larry in the flashback where he received his burns.

Larry's Necromantical Neck Ties

From the very first time we’re introduced to Larry (while he watches Ben Harmon commit lewd acts in front of a wide open window), he is always wearing a necktie.

Larry’s neckties are pretty simple in design, often times solid color or stripes. They are also usually dimmer, toned down colors.

Probably my favorite neckties of Larry’s have to be his burgundy and navy striped tie, followed by his basic solid black tie.

Larry Harvey American Horror Story

This navy and burgundy striped necktie is nearly identical to the necktie Larry Harvey wears.

This solid black necktie is an absolute match to the style of Larry Harvey.

Larry Harvey's Sharpest Shirt

Larry’s shirt selection is somewhat lacking when it comes to variance and selection. The reason for this is that Larry is really only ever seen in one type of shirt in the present day, and that shirt he only seems to have in one color.

Larry Harvey’s shirt of choice is a simple, long sleeve, button down dress shirt in white.

This Van Heusen white dress shirt matches Larry’s style thoroughly.

This gray checkered shirt is a perfect match to the one Larry is wearing when Tate Langdon sets him on fire.

The Pants of Mr. Harvey

Larry’s pants selection like - his shirt selection - are moderate to say the least. He really only wears one certain type of pants.

The pants that Larry is most recognized for are his dark colored suit pants.

He seems to favor black and charcoal gray colored slacks the most.

These charcoal suit pants are a fantastic match to the style of Larry Harvey from his appearances in American Horror Story.

Here is a nice set of black dress slacks that are a great match to the pants worn by Larry Harvey.

Larry's Shiny Shoes

Larry’s shoes aren’t exactly the most exciting items in his wardrobe, but no Larry Harvey outfit would be complete without them.

Keeping with the theme of the rest of his wardrobe, Larry’s shoes are pretty straightforward.

His preferred footwear comes in the form of black leather dress shoes.

These Bostonian black leather dress shoes are nearly identical to the shoes worn by Larry while meandering around the grounds of “Murder House.”

Accessories and Accouterments

Larry Harvey American Horror Story

Surprisingly, Larry has a quite a few different accessories that he uses throughout the first season. While he doesn’t particularly have any one definitive accessory, any of these would be an excellent choice.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of them.

Larry Harvey is known to wear thick black framed glasses during the flashbacks to his past when it is revealed just how involved in the history of “Murder House” he really was.

These vintage glasses are quite similar to the glasses worn by Larry Harvey.

Larry has offered a few explanations as to just how he came to have third degree burns over most of his face and body, but few know the truth behind his scars.

He has stated that he received the scars when he murdered and burned his own family alive. There is a bit of truth to this version of the story but it isn’t completely accurate.

In reality, Larry’s wife set herself and their children ablaze when Larry informed her that he was having an affair with their neighbor - Constance - and that it was his wish for his wife and daughter to move in with their in-laws so that he could move Constance and her children into “Murder House.”

The real story behind Larry’s burns is that he was doused in gasoline and set on fire at his place of employment by Tate Langdon, Constance’s son, as retribution for Larry murdering Tate’s brother Beauregard at the request of Constance.

This Larry Harvey Halloween mask is a quick and effortless way to simulate the scarred face of Larry Harvey.

This chrome Zippo lighter is an ironic, albeit accurate accessory for Larry Harvey (though he was actually burned using a match). It’s also an exact match to the one that Larry carries around.

These round-point shovels are a near match to the one used by Larry on AHS.

This jack o'lantern candy bucket would be a perfect match to the one Larry brings to “Murder House” in an effort to extort $1,000.00 from Ben Harmon.

This black Dockers belt is simple, tasteful, and it’s a great match to the belt worn by Larry.

Whether for the purpose of completing a Larry Harvey costume or just picking up a particular item of his clothing, I hope this article has been helpful as well as informative.

Like always, be sure to check back here often for all of the latest news and updates!

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