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How to Dress Like Kit Walker

Kit Walker American Horror Story

Kit Walker is an attendant at a gas station, a husband and protagonist in American Horror Story (Asylum).  He and his wife Alma get drawn into an unfortunate series of events when (for unknown reasons) aliens invade the Walker household and abduct Alma.

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After the disappearance of his bride, Kit Walker stands accused in a series of gruesome murders wherein the female victims were skinned and beheaded.  He is transferred to Briarcliff until such a time as a decision is made regarding his competency to stand trial.

Kit’s style is pretty casual when we see him outside of Briarcliff, but he is restricted to a uniform while under the care of Sister Jude.

Here you will find a guide to help recreate the style of Kit Walker, for the purpose of creating an accurate Kit Walker costume or just integrating some of his style into your everyday clothing.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Jumpsuit, Jacket & Shirts

Pants & Footwear


Kit's style overview:

  • Briarcliff jumpsuit
  • Long-sleeve, button-up shirts
  • Jeans
  • Brown boots

Kit Walker's Jackets & Jumpsuits

Kit Walker American Horror Story

The main jacket that Kit is remembered for has to be his work jacket from episode 1 with his “Kit” name patch.

Because he is sent to Briarcliff almost immediately after his introduction, we don't get to see him in too many different jackets.  During his transfer to Briarcliff we do see Kit in a full body jumpsuit.

This novelty name patch is a perfect match to the one embroidered onto Kit’s work jacket.

Here we have a Dickies navy work jacket that is a perfect match to the one worn by Kit Walker.

Kit’s jumpsuit has been identified as a Dickies sleeved coverall in navy. This item is an exact match to the one we see Kit wearing.

Kit's Shirts

Kit Walker American Horror Story

Kit’s shirts are all very similar and he wears generally the same shirts consistently throughout the season.

He seems to favor long sleeve, button down, shirts. Usually solid in color but he is known to wear plaid as well.  He also is seen in both white tank tops and white t-shirts.

In order to complete an accurate Kit Walker cosplay you will definitely want to grab at least one of these shirts that we’ll take a look at now.

This light blue Van Heusen shirt is nearly identical - down to the button color - to the shirt worn by Kit.

This plaid Carhartt shirt in moss heather is quite similar to the shirt Kit is seen wearing during the abduction of his wife Alma.  This Dickies work shirt in lincoln green matches his style well too.

These Fruit of the Loom white t-shirts are an excellent match to the ones worn by Mr. Walker on AHS.  These white Fruit of the Loom tank tops are also a great match to his undershirts.

Mr. Walker's Pants & Boots/Shoes

Other than the jumpsuit that he wears during his transfer to Briarcliff, Kit is seen in only a few other sets of slacks.  For the most part he wears either his jeans when he is working or at home, and he wears his Briarcliff issued blue pants while in their custody.

Kit’s pants style is generally casual and considerably simple to match, which is convenient for the purpose of completing an accurate Kit Walker outfit.

Kit’s jeans have been identified as Levi’s 550 relaxed fit jeans in stonewash color. These jeans are an exact match to the ones he wears to work and at home.

These royal blue Dickies 874 work pants are a fantastic match to the blue pants Kit is issued during his “stay” at Briarcliff.

Boots & Shoes

Kit’s footwear, much like his pants, stays pretty consistent throughout the season with only two separate pairs of shoes having been noted.

He is known to wear his brown boots while at work and also at home and during his transfer to Briarcliff. Once in Briarcliff he is issued the standard sneaker given to all patients.

Kit’s sneakers have been identified as Keds original canvas in white. Kit’s, like all patients at Briarcliff, have no laces.

These brown low top boots are an excellent match to the boots worn by Kit Walker on American Horror Story.


Kit Walker American Horror Story

Kit’s accessories mainly pertain to either a civilian Kit Walker get-up or a prisoner Kit, as all of his accessories are confiscated upon his arrival to Briarcliff.

Let’s go over what we have to choose from.

Kit’s watch has been noted to have a brown strap and metallic face. This analog wrist watch is nearly identical to the watch worn by him.  

Another important accessory of Kit’s is his wedding band, the symbol of his commitment to his wife Alma (who he later has committed, ironically).  This Cavalier Jewelers gold wedding band is a great match to Kit’s.

This brown belt is quite similar to the belt worn by Kit.

The final accessory we have to discuss are Kit’s shackles. He is seen being transported to Briarcliff in these because he is accused of being Bloody Face. These rubber shackles aren't quite an exact match to those worn by him, but you get the idea.

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