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How to Dress Like Johnny Morgan

Johnny Morgan American Horror Story

Johnny Morgan is the rape-conceived child of Dr. Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters.  He has suffered from unnatural sadistic urges from a very early age.

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After a difficult childhood growing up in “the system” he is arrested for petty crime.  While in prison, Johnny discovers the history behind his unfortunate upbringing, and when he is released he decides to carry on his father’s legacy.

Here you will find a guide to help you recreate the style of Johnny Morgan aka Future Bloody Face.

Clothing Purchasing Guide

We recommend:

Vest & Jacket

Pants, Boots & Shirts

Mask, Weapons & Watch

Johnny's style overview:

  • Denim jackets & vests
  • Denim jeans
  • Flannel shirts
  • Bloody Face mask

Johnny's Juxtaposed Jackets 

Johnny Morgan American Horror Story

Johnny Morgan has a fair selection of different jackets that he exhibits throughout the season.

The jacket and vest that he is most recognized for are both composed of denim. Paired with his denim jeans, you have the makings for a Canadian tuxedo.

This black denim vest is nearly identical the one worn by Johnny Morgan.

And here is a vintage sleeve denim jacket that matches the style of Johnny Morgan completely.

Johnny Morgan's Stylish Shirt Selection

Johnny Morgan American Horror Story

Johnny Morgan’s style is pretty relaxed and casual in nature. He mostly sticks to denim jackets as I stated previously, with an occasional plaid shirt, thermal shirt or tank top thrown in for some variation.

The shirt that sticks out the most in my mind is his basic, solid black tank top. This is the shirt he is wearing when we discover that like his father before him, Johnny has a taste for fresh breast milk.

This thermal shirt is completely similar to the one worn by Johnny Morgan on American Horror Story.

Here is a brown western style plaid shirt that matches the style of the son of Bloody Face entirely.

Finally we have this solid black men’s tank top that is also almost identical to the ones worn by Johnny.

Johnny's Jumentous Jeans & Footwear

Johnny has simple taste when it comes to his leg wear. He is most recognized for his relaxed fit, dark stonewash jeans.

His jeans include the usual five pocket design and are comprised of one hundred percent cotton.

These Levi's dark stonewash jeans are an excellent match to the jeans worn by Johnny Morgan - Son of Bloody Face.

The Footwear of Johnny Morgan

Johnny Morgan has only one set of boots that have been identified. They are his black utility boots.

They have been identified as Skechers Men’s Pilot Utility boots in black.  They are solid, reliable boots and he wears them for the majority of his appearances.

These black Skechers utility boots are an exact match to the ones worn by the J-man on season two of AHS.

Morgan's Accessories

Johnny Morgan American Horror Story

Although his mother (Lana Winters) makes an attempt to abort the pregnancy, she on her own is unsuccessful.  When she later tries to have the procedure carried out by a professional, she has second thoughts and backs out completely.

On top of the fact that she gets famous for writing a book where she goes into great detail about how she tried to abort her son with a coat hanger, I’d say that makes for some mommy issues.

Johnny Morgan certainly has those as it is his plan to murder his own mother. In order to carry out this mission he comes equipped with a pistol (among a few other tools of the trade).

He doesn’t have the medical training or surgical accuracy of his father, but when you’re using a machete there’s a pretty wide margin for error. This Schrade machete is quite similar to the one used by future Bloody Face, also know as Johnny Morgan.

When he finally confronts his mother Lana Winters, he does so while aiming a loaded pistol at her face point blank range. While this airsoft pistol isn’t nearly as dangerous, it is definitely a very close match!

Here we have a Fossil chronograph coachmen watch with brown strap. Not only is this a stunning timepiece, but it’s an excellent match to the watch Johnny Morgan keeps time with.

Last but not least we have Johnny’s Bloody Face mask.  Constructed using human tissue and remains, this is a gruesome thing to look at and honestly it simply just strikes fear into anyone unlucky enough to gaze upon it.

Also it’s obviously a perfect match to the mask worn by the Serial Murderer of the Same name.

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