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How to Dress Like Dr. Oliver Thredson

Oliver Thredson American Horror Story

Dr. Oliver Thredson is a psychiatrist extraordinaire sent to Briarcliff Manor in order to determine the mental competency of The Bloody Face Killer (allegedly- Kit Walker), in order to stand trial for his horrific crimes.

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Dr. Thredson is portrayed as somewhat of a hero for a good portion of the series, but it is later discovered that he has as many skeletons in the closet as anyone else at Briarcliff.

Oliver Thredson’s style is pretty straightforward, consisting mostly of dark suits with white shirts and thin ties.

Here you will find a guide to help you match the style of Dr.Thredson, for the purpose of completing an accurate Dr. Oliver Thredson costume or possibly just integrating some of Dr. Thredson’s style into your own wardrobe. Let’s break down Oliver’s style!

Clothing Purchasing Guide

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Suit Jackets & Shirts


Shoes & Accessories

Tie Clip & Ties

Oliver's style overview:

  • Dark colored suits
  • Glasses
  • Black face analog watch
  • Bloody Face Mask

Oliver Thredson's Eyewear

Dr. Oliver Thredson American Horror Story

One of the most distinct pieces of a complete Dr. Oliver Thredson cosplay, is definitely his signature glasses.

Dr. Thredson’s glasses are black and chrome in color in the retro Italian designer style.

Throughout the entire season, Dr. Thredson wears his glasses the majority of the time, but there are a few times he is seen without them.

These "Retro Man" Italian designer glasses are nearly identical to those worn by Dr. Thredson.

The Fashionable Jackets & Ties of Oliver Thredson

Dr. Thredson is often times seen wearing a sports coat as part of a suit. He has many different sports jackets and is seen in more than one different jacket in a single episode at times.

He has them in many different colors, but they all seem to keep the same professional style.

This brown suit jacket a perfect match to the style of Dr. Thredson.

This gray Kenneth Cole Reaction jacket is almost indistinguishable from the jacket worn by Oliver Thredson on American Horror Story.

Here is a black Kenneth Cole jacket that is also a great match to the style of Oliver Thredson.


Dr. Thredson’s neckties have their own pretty distinct style. First of all, he only wears retro “skinny neckties". His thin ties are often times dark or neutral colors with simple patterns or diagonal stripes.

Dr. Oliver Thredson American Horror Story

As with his jackets, he is seen the majority of the time wearing a tie as a part of a suit. He does need to exude a professional appearance after all, considering he is a leading physician who has even had the honor of being offered a full time position at Briarcliff.

This thin, brown and gray striped necktie is nearly identical to the one worn by Oliver.  This solid black tie is also a terrific choice to match his style.

Here is a blue necktie that is nearly identical to the one seen being worn by the good doctor.

Dr. Thredson's Shirts

Dr. Thredson’s shirts are very plain and basic. He really only ever wears white tank tops under white long sleeve dress shirts. The variations of his wardrobe come mostly from his ties and jackets.

In order to complete an accurate Dr. Oliver Thredson outfit, you are going to need a white dress shirt, if you don’t already own one.

This white Kenneth Cole dress shirt is perfect to match the style of Dr. Thredson.

This white tank top is perfect to match the style of Dr. Thredson “after hours".

Fancy Pants & Shoes

Dr. Oliver Thredson American Horror Story

Dr. Thredson’s slacks almost always match his jackets, so they come in the same, mostly dark or neutral colors.

For most of the entire season he wears his dress slacks the majority of the time, but when he is at home relaxing and doing hobbies he slips into his comfy sweat pants.

Here are some brown dress slacks that match the style of Dr. Thredson exactly.  These gray Kenneth Cole slacks are a great match to the fashionable stylings of Doc Thredson.

These black Kenneth Cole dress pants are perfect to complete your Oliver Thredson get-up!

Finally we have these black sweat pants that are an excellent match to the ones worn by Dr. Oliver Thredson.

Oliver Thredson's Footwear

Dr Thredson’s footwear is probably the most basic item in his wardrobe since well, his shirt selection.

His shoes have been identified as classic oxford black dress shoes with leather lining.

These Delli Aldo oxfords are a terrific match to the shoes worn by Dr. Oliver Thredson.

Oliver's Accessories

Oliver Thredson is known to wield a great many accessories in order to carry out his objectives.

Some are little extras to compliment his wardrobe, while others serve a much more functional purpose such as his journal and pen.

Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

This simple chrome tie clip is a perfect match to the one worn by Dr. Thredson.

This black watch is incredibly similar to the watch of Oliver Thredson.

Here is a book bound journal that would complete any Oliver Thredson costume.

This black rollerball pen writes like a dream and is quite similar to the pen used by Dr. Thredson.

Finally, we have one last accessory that is a major spoiler if you haven't finished the season.

Dr. Oliver Thredson Bloody Face

This replica AHS mask is a gruesome and realistic representation of the mask of human remains created and worn by the Maniac known as BloodyFace, who is revealed to be none other than our own Dr. Oliver Thredson!

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