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How to Dress Like Dr. Ben Harmon

Dr. Ben Harmon

Ben Harmon is a main character in season one of T.V.’s American Horror Story. He is a Psychiatrist, husband, father and unfortunate new owner and tenant of the so called “Murder House".

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Ben’s style ranges from nude to athletic and work wear, but consists usually of strictly professional garb. Most likely due to the fact that he runs a psychiatry practice out of his own home.

Here you will find a guide to help you match the style of Dr. Ben Harmon. Whether it is to make an accurate Ben Harmon costume or other American Horror story cosplay - or you would just like to integrate some of Ben’s style into your own wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place!

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Ben's style overview:

  • Fedora
  • Black jackets
  • Dress shirts & slacks
  • Baseball bat

Ben Harmon's Hat

Dr. Ben Harmon's Hat

The most notable hat Dr. Harmon is known for wearing has to be his goofy fedora from the pilot episode. He wore it when he and his family first took a tour of “Murder House".

Personally I have always felt this particular piece felt… out of place, in Ben’s fashionably-professional wardrobe, but that’s just my humble opinion.

This Black Fedora is a very close match to the one worn by Ben on American Horror Story. Click here to compare for yourself.

Ben's Casual Jackets

Ben wears a number of different styles of jackets. Like much of the rest of his wardrobe they are often darker in color and simple in design.

The first jacket we see Ben wear is his navy blue colored sport jacket. He is seen wearing it along with the fedora, also in the pilot episode.

This sport coat in navy is a perfect match to the one worn by Dr. Ben Harmon. Here’s a link to purchase this jacket if you’re having trouble finding one for yourself.

Dr. Ben Harmon

The next (most fashionable) jacket in my opinion is Ben’s black jacket. It has multiple pockets for extra storage if you’ve got a lot of cargo. I found two very similar jackets so I have included links to both for your convenience.

This black jacket is nearly identical to the one worn by Ben on AHS. Click here to check availability.

This faux bomber coat in black is also a very close match to the jacket of Ben Harmon.

Finally we have Ben’s hoodie, often times worn as sleepwear it is the most casual of all the jackets worn by Ben Harmon.

This hoodie in charcoal heather gray color is nearly an exact match to the jacket Ben is known to wear. Click here to take a closer look.

The Many Shirts of Ben Harmon

Dr. Ben Harmon's Shirt

Ben’s shirts, much like his jackets, exemplify the same simplistic professional style. Like many other characters I have researched though, Ben’s flare for fashion and color are expressed most through his shirts.

This shirt by Calvin Klein in black is nearly identical to the shirt worn by Ben in AHS season one.

This dress shirt in Army Green is quite similar to the one seen on American Horror Story. Click here now to see if it’s in stock!

Here is a shirt in brown that clearly matches the style of Ben and is a great match to the one worn by him.

This black v-neck t-shirt is a perfect match to the one worn by Ben in the pilot episode. Click here to pick one up for your own Ben Harmon costume!

Last but not least we have Ben’s working shirt. When he abruptly decides to construct a new gazebo in the yard he is seen sweating and sipping tea in this vintage gray v-neck t-shirt.

Ben's Jeans, Slacks & Sweatpants

When he isn’t creepily lighting the fireplace while sleepwalking in the nude, Ben Harmon usually wears pants.

The pants worn by Ben on AHS are quite versatile because they can be casual, professional or anywhere in between.

He seems to favor mostly straight leg slim-fit jeans and slacks, but his night time pants are a little baggy.

These jeans in barley are nearly completely identical to the ones worn by Ben in the pilot episode of AHS. Click here if you’d like to purchase a pair.

These dark blue jeans come in the color of “rigid dragon” and match the fashion stylings of Ben completely. Here’s the link if you’d like to see more.

This set of navy colored Dockers would complete any Ben Harmon cosplay!

Lastly we have these lovely black sleep pants by Fruit of the Loom. Perfect for wandering around your own “Murder House”. Also it is worth noting, Ben is seen wearing these type of sleep/sweat pants not only throughout the season, but also in the pilot episode when he is caught in an act of indiscretion by his wife.

The Dashing Footwear of Dr. Ben Harmon

Dr. Harmon’s footwear, like much of his attire, serves the dual purpose of being both practical and professional.

His boots in particular are a great example of fashion meeting functionality.

This pair of ankle boots by Ferro Aldo are a great match to the boots worn by Ben.

Ben's Accessories

Dr. Ben Harmon

Arguably the most important of Ben’s accessories has to be the symbol of his undying love and devotion to his wife; Vivien Harmon.

This gold wedding band is a perfect match to the wedding ring of Ben Harmon and most likely a lot more affordable.

Another staple in the accessories department for Ben would be his watch. He is seen wearing his watch throughout the entirety of the series.

This stainless steel watch by Invicta not only gives you the image of style and power, but it’s noticeably similar to the one worn by Ben.

This reversible belt is perfect for whatever Ben Harmon look that you’re going for. Here’s a link if you need one to hold up your Ben-inspired slacks.

Rounding out Ben’s accessories is his most lethal accessory - his baseball bat. While he isn’t seen wielding it as often as his other accessories, he does use it on more than one occasion. Here’s the link if you need one for bashing ghosts.

That concludes another installment of “How to dress like” from your friendly neighborhood Check back often for updates and new installments in our catalog of television character wardrobes and style.

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