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How to Dress Like Shadow Moon

American Gods Shadown Moon black leather jacket

Shadow Moon is the quiet, down-on-his-luck protagonist on Starz’ American Gods, based on the novel of the same name.

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Shadow’s clothing style is pretty simple for the majority of season one, other than a couple of episodes where suits are thrown into the mix. Whether you saw something on the show you liked, or you want to dress up as Shadow Moon, hopefully this guide can lead you in the right direction.

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Shadow's style overview:

  • Dark leather jacket
  • Solid colored t-shirts & henleys
  • Dark jeans & boots
  • Tailored gray suit

Shadow's Leather Jacket

American Gods Shadow Moon black leather jacket s1e2

Once Shadow is out of prison and back in civilian clothing, he is rarely seen without the same dark leather jacket.

With the style of American Gods and the highly variable lighting it is sometimes hard to tell the exact color, or shade, of the characters’ clothes. Most of the time the jacket looks navy blue, but almost a faded black in other scenes.

Shadow’s jacket is dark leather with almost a denim look to it. There is a single right breast pocket, two hand pockets, and buttons instead of the standard zipper for leather jackets. Shadow’s specific jacket is most likely custom made, or at the very least altered, so we don’t have an exact match yet, but here are some options I would choose for the general style.

This black leather jacket is a good choice for a casual dark, but faded, jacket that still retains the similar style with closure and cuff buttons.

These black or blue leather trucker-style jackets give a more ‘worn in’ denim look.

These jackets aren’t exact matches, but keep the casual style Shadow wears. I’m keeping my eye out for any replicas that pop up, and of course feel free to leave a comment below if you find anything else close.

Shadow's Shirts

Going along with Shadow’s casual, low-maintenance look, Shadow wears solid, usually dark, t-shirts or henleys.

This black t-shirt is pretty much exactly what Shadow wears in episodes two through four. Any brand of plain black t-shirt with a single breast pocket will work, of course.

This charcoal long-sleeve henley is a good match for a couple of the long-sleeve shirts Shadow wears in the second half of the season.

Shadow's Pants

American Gods Shadow Moon leather jacket dark jeans boots s1e2

Judging by the stitching on the back pockets of his jeans, Shadow wears Levi brand, dark blue jeans. The fit seems a bit loose without being baggy.

My choice for the same style would be Levi’s 505 Original Fit jeans.

Any dark blue jeans that you find comfortable with a similar fit should serve the purpose.

Shadow's Shoes

As is the case with most characters on TV, we don’t see a whole lot of Shadow’s feet.

From what we can tell from the few glimpses of his shoes, Shadow is wearing plain black low-cut boots or sneakers early on (when he is wearing a black shirt). Later on in the season, he appears to be wearing brown work boots.

For the black shoes, I would go with these plain-toe, low-cut boots.

For brown boots, I would go with these pair.

Funeral Suit

American Gods Shadow Moon black suit

After being released from prison, Shadow puts on a plain black suit for the rest of the episode. About as simple as you can get: No patterns, two buttons, one breast pocket, two hand pockets.

Going for the no frills, nothing super expensive, I would go with this regular fit 2 button suit. This is both the suit pants and jacket.

Under Shadow’s suit jacket is a solid white dress shirt. Once again, nothing fancy. Something like this should do just fine.

Just as before with the shoes, we don’t see a whole lot of Shadow’s dress shoes, either. From what I can tell, he is wearing black Oxfords with a plain toe and a bit of designs on the sides.

These black Oxfords are very similar to what Shadow wears.

Shadow’s belt is very simple, no special belt buckle, just a simple black belt with a single-prong, silver buckle. This Docker’s belt should be perfect.

Easter Suit

Shadow Moon gray dotted Easter suit

At the end of the show, Shadow wears a suit custom tailored by Mr. Nancy.

From my searching, I assume the suit was also in reality pretty custom made. I couldn’t even find the exact same pattern/fabric of gray dotted with white...So we’re going to go with looking for a similar style and color scheme.

This gray two button suit is a different pattern, but a similar gray with white thrown in crosshatching.

This solid gray suit is a bit less expensive. If you’re just looking for the same color scheme, this suit works, however, I feel like the previous suit fits the style more closely.

Both suits are similar style and are two buttons with three pockets just like Shadow’s suit. When looking at spending a bit more money I would advise you to think about going to a local tailor to get a suit fitted appropriately as opposed to ordering online.

This light purple (or lavender) shirt is a good match for Shadow’s dress shirt.

This purple tie is not a perfect match, but it is of similar design and color.

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